BMW 3 series E30

Since 1983-1994 of release

Repair and car operation

+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance service
- 3. The engine
   - 3.1.2. Specifications
      3.1.3. Kinds of the repair work which is carried out without dismantle of the engine
      3.1.4. An order of installation of the piston of 1st cylinder in ВМТ a compression step
      3.1.5. A cover of a head of cylinders
      3.1.6. A soaking up collector
      3.1.7. A final collector
      3.1.8. Covers of a chain of a drive of a cam-shaft (engine M10)
      3.1.9. A chain and asterisks (engine M10)
      3.1.10. Covers of a gear belt (engines M20 and М40)
      3.1.11. A gear belt and cam-shaft asterisks (engines M20 and М40)
      3.1.12. Forward epiploons
      3.1.13. A head of cylinders
      3.1.14. The pallet
      3.1.15. The oil pump
      3.1.16. A flywheel (a leading disk)
      3.1.17. A back epiploon коленвала
      3.1.18. Engine mount details
   + 3.2. Dismantle and engine major repairs
   + 3.3. An engine electric equipment
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Heating and ventilation
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. An exhaust system
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. A running gear
+ 12. A body
+ 13. An electric equipment
+ 14. A good advice

3.1.13. A head of cylinders


1. Execute декомпрессию fuel system (subsection 6.10 see).
2. Remove the battery, having accepted safety measures.
3. Remove the air filter.
4. Disconnect from the distributor and the ignition coil high-voltage wires.
5. Disconnect a wire from the gauge of temperature of a liquid.
6. Disconnect fuel hoses from the distributor of fuel (carburettor).
7. Merge cooling liquid.
8. Designate and disconnect hoses from the throttle branch pipe, a soaking up collector, the carburettor and a head of cylinders.
9. Disconnect a drive cable заслонки on a throttle branch pipe (carburettor).
10. Remove from a head of cylinders a final collector. On a part of cars there is no necessity to disconnect an exhaust pipe. It is necessary to mean that on cars the intermediate shaft of a steering column disturbs with the right wheel to full removal of a collector from hairpins of a head of cylinders.
11. Disconnect from a soaking up collector hoses of a vacuum regulator of ignition and cooling system.
12. On early models disconnect wires from the generator and a starter.
13. Remove soaking up collector.
14. Remove a belt of the fan and the fan.
15. Uncover heads of cylinders and a lining, and also semicircular заглушки (if are provided).
16. Establish the piston of 1st cylinder in ВМТ a compression step.
17. Remove a chain (a gear belt). It is possible to be limited to removal of an asterisk of a cam-shaft together with a belt (chain) which should be taken aside and it is reliable to fix, without weakening a belt (chain). In this case it is necessary to expose the ignition moment again subsequently.
18. In sequence of return specified release bolts of a head of cylinders, doing 1/4 turns for reception. At the given stage газораспределения it is forbidden to assort the mechanism (on engines M10 and М20).
19. Remove a head, if necessary displace its mount inserted into an aperture of a collector.
20. On engine M40 get from a flute in the case of the oil pump a sealing ring.


Order of a tightening of bolts of a head of cylinders on engine M10

Order of a tightening of bolts of a head of cylinders on engine M20 (6-cylinder)

Order of a tightening of bolts of a head of cylinders on engine M40 (4-cylinder)

1. Clear demountable planes of a head and the block of cylinders. At appreciable damages прошлифуйте planes (small damages leave надфилем).
2. Banish carving apertures a tap and blow compressed air.
3. Replace bolts of a head of cylinders. It is supposed to establish the removed bolts in the absence of damages of carvings after prorace by a die.
4. Establish on a head the removed details, on engine M40 replace a ring.
5. Lay a new lining on the block of cylinders so that an inscription (UP or OBEN) have been turned upwards, сориентируйте a lining on pins.
6. Establish a head on the block of cylinders, сориентировав on pins. On engine M40 for correct installation of a head it is recommended to screw old bolts with the cut heads and the cut groove under a screw-driver.
7. Wrap bolts.
8. Tighten bolts in the specified sequence (the Order of a tightening of bolts of a head of cylinders fig. see engine M10, fig. the Order of a tightening of bolts of a head of cylinders on engine M20 (6-cylinder), fig. the Order of a tightening of bolts of a head of cylinders on engine M40 (4-cylinder). The inhaling order is specified in section Specifications (subsection 3.1.2 see).
9. Further assemblage is carried out upside-down. On engines M10 and М20 adjust valves, check up backlashes after engine warming up.
10. Tighten bolts of a head of cylinders (М40).