BMW 3 series E30

Since 1983-1994 of release

Repair and car operation

+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. The engine
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Heating and ventilation
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. An exhaust system
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Brake system
- 11. A running gear
   11.1.10. Back springs
   11.1.11. A bar of the back stabilizer of cross-section stability
   11.1.12. Levers of a back suspension bracket
   11.1.13. Bearings of back wheels
   11.1.14. Corners of installation of wheels
   11.1.2. Specifications
   11.1.3. The stabilizer of cross-section stability of a forward suspension bracket
   11.1.4. The suspension bracket lever
   11.1.5. A rack of a forward suspension bracket
   11.1.6. Springs or the shock-absorber of a rack of a suspension bracket
   11.1.7. Spherical support
   11.1.8. A nave of a forward wheel and the bearing
   11.1.9. Back shock-absorbers
   + 11.2. A steering
+ 12. A body
+ 13. An electric equipment
+ 14. A good advice

11.1.6. Springs or the shock-absorber of a rack of a suspension bracket

At detection подтекания liquids from shock-absorbers, at loss амортизирующих properties of a suspension bracket, in a case усадки or damages of springs it is necessary to estimate volume of forthcoming works and to choose the most expedient variant. In spare parts racks which can be got in exchange for old with surcharge are delivered. Before dismantling of knot of a rack be convinced available necessary spare parts.
The prevention

At rack dismantling it is necessary to accept safety measures as sudden straightening of a spring can lead to serious traumas. The compressed spring store in a place inaccessible to strangers.


1. Remove a rack (subsection 11.1.5 see) and clamp in a vice through rags or the wooden prorate.
2. Compress a spring of a rack the adaptation to unload a rack.
3. Remove a protective cap of a nut of a rod of the shock-absorber. Release a nut, keeping a rod.
4. Turn away a nut, remove the rack bearing, a lining and a washer. Check up freedom of rotation of the bearing. The zaedajushchy bearing replace. Check up a condition of a rubber lining. In the presence of cracks, deterioration and отслоения rubbers a lining replace.
5. Remove a plate of a spring and a rubber ring. The damaged ring replace.
6. Cautiously remove the compressed spring and store it in a steel case.
7. Remove from a rod a protective tube and the rubber buffer. Check up their condition and if necessary replace.
8. Turn on накидную a nut and remove the shock-absorber, merge from it oil.
9. Fill in in the shock-absorber 20–25 cubic oils for the engine (except газонаполненных shock-absorbers) see. Oil provides heat removal to the case of the shock-absorber and viscosity of oil of value filled in in the shock-absorber has no.

10. Assemblage is carried out upside-down. A nakidnuju nut and a rod nut tighten with the set moments. Combine the termination of a spring with a fillet on a rubber lining of a spring and on a cup.
11. Establish a rack on the car upside-down.